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expat mobile subscriptionDomestic Minutes / Messaging

Our Expat Mobile WorldSIM mobile phone subscriptions offers you a monthly allowance of  100 minutes. You can use the minutes to call / SMS in the Netherlands and/or the EU*. You can extend this to 1000 minutes for usage in the Netherlands and/or the EU.


International Minutes / Messaging

Since you are an expat, on top of that you can also buy an additional 100 minutes OR SMS to call /message to a country of your choice while in the Netherlands.


Domestic Data

Also, you will get a monthly allowance of 400 MB 4G data traffic. You can use this in the Netherlands as well as in the EU. You can also extend the data allowance to 1000, 3000 or 5000 MB. 400 MB will suffice for web browsing and email. 1000 MB will suffice for web browsing, email and occasional video or audio streaming. For regular audio streaming we advice 3000 or 5000 MB.


Free Handset

If you want a device with your 1 or 2 year subscription we will arrange it at 0% interest for you. The monthly fee will be increased by up to € 5,- per month. The remainder must be paid in advance.


Easy Subscription

Expat Mobile is the only Dutch telecom operator that makes it possible to order a mobile phone subscription before you enter the country. Thus you can start calling immediately after arrival in the Netherlands. No Dutch bank account is needed!Our mobile phone subscriptions are tailored for your needs: As an expat you can use the subscription for local as well as international calls.


For The Whole Family

Per Expat Mobile account you can get up to 4 SIM cards with unique mobile numbers for your family members. The SIM cards can be used for both voice and data.


Flexible Contract

The contract duration is 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. However, we believe in flexibility: if you leave the Netherlands before your contract has ended, just send us a statement from your employer or other legal proof that you leave the country permanently and we will end your contract at the end of the month at no extra cost.


What Else?

Is this subscription too complicated? How about one of our preconfigured GoDutch subscriptions?


The Small Print

If you use extra minutes, messages or megabytes you pay 17 cents per minute or message and 18 cents per megabyte. We have summarised all tariffs for download into one sheet.
To confirm with EU legislation the Dutch data/voice/sms bundles can also be used in the EU. International calls originating in the Netherlands are exempt from this legislation.
A Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to the voice traffic of certain subscriptions. The Fair Use Policy is part of our terms and conditions and means that voice, SMS and data usage may be up to 10 times the average usage of all our users. The Fair Use Policy is to ensure that all our customers can use our subscriptions in a normal way – it is a principle used by all Dutch providers, although they may not be as open about it as we are.

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