Expat Mobile

Flexible contracts, starting at 3 months
Your SIM delivered by post to any country
Starting at only €11,95 per month
No Dutch bank account required

GoDutch - Small
  • Domestic/EU Voice 200 Minutes
  • World Voice 100 minutes
  • Data 1200 MB
SMALL GoDutch - Small
€ 14,95 per month
GoDutch - Medium
  • Domestic/EU Voice Unlimited minutes (FUP)
  • World Voice 300 minutes
  • Data 6000 MB
MEDIUM GoDutch - Medium
€ 24,95 per month
GoDutch - Large
  • Domestic/EU Voice Unlimited minutes (FUP)
  • World Voice 750 minutes
  • Data 10000 MB
LARGE GoDutch - Large
€ 29,95 per month
GoDutch - Flexible
  • Domestic/EU Voice 100-1000 minutes
  • World Voice 0-1000 minutes
  • Data 400-6000 MB
FLEXIBLE GoDutch - Flexible
€ 11,95 per month

Why expats prefer Expat Mobile

Customer Service Our customer service is fast, friendly and reliable. We have no voice response system.
Fast Enrollment No Dutch bank account or residence permit needed. Flexible contract termination.
Reliable Network We use the reliable networks of the formally state-owned Dutch telecom operator, KPN.
For Expat families One subscription for local and international usage. Simcards for the whole family.
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Customize your mobile subscription
choose your minutes, data and duration

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